Luxury jewelry brands: A list of top 12 in the world - C. Wordsworth

If bags and lipsticks are indispensable accessories, then jewelry definitely has an even closer relationship with both our minds and our bodies. Here is a list of top 12 luxury jewelry brands in the world.

Minimalist jewelry: 10 hand picked pieces all ... - C. Wordsworth

Thank you for reading this article on minimalist jewelry, feel to share your thoughts below or check other articles on jewelry that we have published: Top 10 luxury jewelry brands in the world and their icon products. affordable fine jewelry  ...

Maximalist jewelry: How to keep up with the trend? - C. Wordsworth

27 Mar 2020 ... Now with luxury brands such as Gucci bringing maximalist jewelry to the show, jewelry that has always been reduced to a supporting role in the fashion field, finally managed to develop a richer and more in depth style.

15 Recommended Pieces of Turquoise Jewelry: All ... - C. Wordsworth

Turquoise is a precious material used by major jewellery brands in the world, including Tiffany, Bulgari and Cartier. A variety of turquoise jewelry ... Natural blue turquoise is the most expensive and is used in both affordable and luxury jewelry.

Art Deco Jewelry: What is it and where to buy? - C. Wordsworth

... cheetah by Cartier? This luxury brand is using the movement of the cheetah to present its own interpretation of Art Deco jewelry. ... moon, swing shape and so on. Among all brands, Tiffany has made an important contribution to this progress .

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Whether they go as the main character or a supporting role, pearls can always achieve a fine tuning touch. ... The only problem is, apart from high-priced jewelry brands and ordinary quality goods, where can we find these high quality ...

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Luxury 4.0 is primarily associated with the technological shifts of Industry 4.0, especially the disruption sparked by digitalization.

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Have you ever wondered how to choose the right necklace lengths that suit you? We know it can be challenging to figure out and get it right. Selecting the right necklace sizes is an important consideration when purchasing jewelry, as it makes ...

The most beautiful collection of bohemian jewelry! - C. Wordsworth

1 Jul 2020 ... In recent years' fashion industry, bohemianism including bohemian clothing and bohemian jewelry represents an unprecedented romanticization and liberalization.

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Because today's consumers are investing in more than a simple product, demand for ethically-sourced jewelry is on the rise. Millennials are aware of the problems with overconsumption and the impact their purchases make on the planet.