Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Information Economy/Notes

12 Ibid. 13 “Trade Secrets”; available from htm; 14 James Hollander, “ and Wal-Mart Settle Explosive E- commerce Lawsuit,” E-Commerce Times (April 5, 1999), [e-journal] ...

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... for hire-work created within the scope of employment unless otherwise agreed; The Berne convention provides international protection for copyright for citizens of the 96 signatory countries Copyright.


1 Aug 2001 ... Cerebalaw Tim Jung <> President Internet Gateway Inc. St. Louis, Missouri, USA 636-936-8655 http://www.igateway .net/ OpenSRS RSP, OpenSRS Consultant. Oscar Petoskey


The Berne Convention ( ) is the foundation for most national copyright laws, which specifies in Article 7: (1) The term of protection granted by this Convention shall be the life of the author and fifty years after ...

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... and Bottoms-up. To: Sotiris Sotiropoulos <>; Subject: Re: [ga] Blending Top-down and Bottoms-up; From: "William S. Lovell" <>; Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 21:07:33 -0700; CC: Joop Teernstra ...

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21 May 2001 ... To: Bruce James <>; Subject: [ga-icann] Re: [ga] Another Membership Study - Berkman Center Representation in CyberspaceStudy (and MAC); From: "William S. Lovell" <>; Date: Mon, ...

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Treaties of Rome - EUabc - EUABC Euroopa Liidu terminite sõnastik

... (Itaalia president) tahab, et järgmine EL-i lepe võetaks vastu Roomas detsembris 2003 selleks, et ta saaks pühalikult matta Euroopa leppe ja olla ämmaemandaks “Rooma konstitutsiooni” sünnil. Lingid. http://www.cerebalaw. com/rome.htm.

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... Berluskoni (Berlusconi, Silvio) vēlas, lai nākamais ES Līgums tiktu pieņemts 2003. gada decembrī Romā un viņš varētu svinīgi “apglabāt” Romas Līgumu un stāvēt pie “Romas Konstitūcijas” šūpuļa. Saites.